Design.Creative: An open letter


Having the ability to document our lives is something special. We tend to view social media as a way to share our lives rather than remember it, which for me is backwards. I remember watching documentaries and thinking how cool it was to actually have that random footage that lined up perfectly to…


Design.Creative: An open letter

Charles Ramsey recounts heroic day

The crazy part is I’m so proud of this guy and the fact that he actually saved the lives of these women. While the media will either ignore his efforts or try to make a mockery of his bravery I appreciate him telling his truth. We are who we are and as he stated in his interview he is an American just like most of us who live in this country. I guess mainstream America expects us to all suddenly change who we are and become politically correct when camera’s come on, unfortunately most of us actually try. I was a bit disappointed when I turned on Democracy Now yesterday and Charles wasn’t even mentioned in the story, nor was he given credit on many other news outlets. Its hard for me to not think that race didn’t have something to do with it. If put in the same situation, what would you do? 

Charles Ramsey recounts heroic day

High Heels & Sneakers Full Album Premiere on OKP


You can hear a full album stream of High Heels & Sneakers right now on Thanks to OKP for the love, and shoutout to Dice Raw and Khari Mateen. Album releases tomorrow, May 7th!

Take a listen to the new album from Seattle’s own and show your support by Downloading it from iTunes:

High Heels & Sneakers Full Album Premiere on OKP

Edward James Olmos on Education

Edwards James Olmo’s is speaking TRUTH! Very true and sad reality. I can honestly say I really didn’t care about school until I had the option to write a report on Louis Armstrong in the 11th grade. A teacher made the entire class write a report on an influential figure who was not white. Too often we are only given surface level stories about entire races of people, because its easier to place the unknown into a box and categorize them as being the same. Through education we have the opportunity to share knowledge and promote collaboration, to end the fear and xenophobia. 

Edward James Olmos on Education

Edward McClain, “the Real Change guy” dies at 69

The real change guy outside of the UDistrict Safeway passed away. His back story is very interesting considering where he ended up. 

In 2009 he was Vendor of the week and left with this: 

“You only go around one time in this life. Live it to the fullest. When I die, I don’t want them to say I didn’t do this, I didn’t do that. When I die I want them to say, he didn’t leave a rock unturned. Life is so fragile; you don’t know when it is going to end, so enjoy your life. ‘Cause you won’t go around twice. Once you pass 14 you’ll never see 14 again. I wish for the whole world that they get a chance to enjoy their life. So that when they get to be 60 or 70 years old they can say, well, I did this, I did that, I achieved this, I achieved that. That’s what I’d like to wish my customers: The very best of everything.”


Edward McClain, “the Real Change guy” dies at 69

Top 10 most dangerous cities in America 2013

Probably the dumbest stuff I’ve seen on the net in awhile. A friend sent the link to me and this was my response. 

A few things. 

1) As I’ve told you many times before… numbers ALWAYS lie. 

2) Who cares what the population’s race is? (why are they all African American populated cities and why is that the FIRST thing reported)

3) When we talk about crime the median income stat should be the first stat up their, to your average uninformed reader well these places have high crime rates because there are a lot of black people there, right? 

4) “count your blessings and lock your doors” WHAT?! How much do YOU trust the lock on your door from keeping danger away from you? Lets all lock our doors and sleep with bibles under our pillows so the boogy man wont get us. 

5) What constitute as a dangerous crime?

6) So why is the percentage of race important again? Whats more dangerious, gun violence and robbery (not that this is what they mean…) Or men in suits and ties buying elections, trading cash for our freedom, public safety, education, and paychecks.

7) So after they did the study and published this list… now what? Does the article give plans to rebuild? Does it even give reasons why these cities are dangerous  Nope.. it just says pray and lock your doors if you live around these places as if the people that live IN these places have some how adapted and enjoy this crime. HAAAAAAAA!!!! 

8) If we are talking about DANGEROUS by way of murders and robbery how is Chicago NOT number 1 (Oh… bc there are not enough black people per capita…. Smh)

Its all bs, if you want to let the media scare you into thinking you are not safe anywhere by all means go right ahead, but to me its racism, fear mongering and its unproductive and unprogressive. Furthermore if you look into most of these cities I’m sure history will show you at one time or another either there was some type of corruption or a booming factories, business, and establishments that no longer exist. 

Let us all lock our doors pray and sleep with bibles under our pillows, and everything will be okay!


Top 10 most dangerous cities in America 2013

Muslim Group Wants Attack On Cab Driver Treated As Hate Crime

I’m speechless, the nerve of this guy. There is no excuse for his actions, and I really can’t think of anything that the drive could have said that would make this mans accusations and assault okay. With all the media attention the case is getting, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Thank goodness for social media and video! 

Muslim Group Wants Attack On Cab Driver Treated As Hate Crime

Seattle Police Clash With May Day Protesters

A friend from out of town emailed me and asked what this was all about…. My response… This my friend, is what happens when cops show up looking for trouble wearing riot gear! I will not deny the fact that their may have been some bad apples out there looking for trouble as well, but the march was for workers rights and immigration and that ended at around 7pm and was very peaceful. Who exactly did SPD protect?

Seattle Police Clash With May Day Protesters