#Inspiration Mass Incarceration in the US (Video)

This was pretty awesome! In short… THESE are the types of videos that I would like to create. It is hard to argue facts. If we can figure out how to turn PhD publications into 3 minute videos like this, I believe we could see changes in social justice policies and society very quickly. Long publications are still needed, but what good is knowledge if the people who need it most do not have access to it, or cannot understand it? Along with these videos, I would also like to find ways to allow undeserved individuals (both in and out of the criminal justice system) to tell their own stories. One day closer.

#BlackHero Bob Marley

#BlackHero Bob Marley

The vision to spread peace and love. Iconic. Bob was loved by the world and spread his message with a purpose.

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!”

DVD “Japanese American History Unknown” to be distributed to schools for free in US and Japan


Filmmaker Junichi Suzuki’s trilogy “Toyo’s Camera, Japanese American History during WWII,” “442, Live with Honor, Die with Dignity,” and “MIS, Human Secret Weapon” becomes one DVD “Japanese American History Unknown” (40 minutes) for distributing 2,000 educational facilities in the U.S. and Japan.

Approx. 1,000 schools in the U.S. and 500 schools in Japan have already been chosen. The remaining 500 DVD will be sent upon request.

Producer of the DVD, UTB Hollywood is accepting requests for the DVD from schools through early February. Distribution will be complete by end of February. Shipping is free of charge.

For request, contact Shigeto Terasaka in the U.S. attera@utbhollywood.com

and Junichi Suzuki in Japan at suzuki@suzukijunichi.com

All films used for making this documentary won at the Maui Film Festival and Fumiko Yamaji Culture Award in Japan.

The production and free distribution of “Japanese American History Unknown” was made possible with the generosity of Dr. Paul Tersaki in Los Angeles.

“Japanese American History Unknown” 

Director: Junichi Suzuki

Original Music: Kitaro,

Format: 40 minutes, Color (black and white in some scenes), 16:9, HD, Stereo




The trailer for this was very short but I am very excited to see this movie!  I requested it from the University Library!

DVD “Japanese American History Unknown” to be distributed to schools for free in US and Japan

North Korea Nuclear Test: Pyongyang Defies UN Resolutions, Conducts Explosive Test

What a complicated issue… Here you have North Korea, a country that doesn’t even have enough resources to feed their own people (so we are told).Then you have the United States who in most accounts takes what they want and invades countries based on resources that they refuse to give up. Well… North Korea, last time I checked doesn’t really have any resources that the US would want. The UN can only “sanction” N. Korea, and since the US has bases all over Asia it would only make sense that China would continue to hold N. Korea as an ally. 

North Korea Nuclear Test: Pyongyang Defies UN Resolutions, Conducts Explosive Test

Shocking ‘napalm girl’ photo from Vietnam War turns 40

Napalm girl

I thought this was an amazing story! This woman was dealt a hand that would cause most people to fold, yet she still found a way to be ambitious chase her dreams and make her way through the obstacles.

Through patience and perseverance, hard work and dedication anything is possible. Sometimes success in life is about timing and being able to take advantage when opportunity presents itself. Its still sad to think that 1972 was not so long ago. In the words of Marvin Gay(e) “War Is Not The Answer… for only love can conquer hate” 

Shocking ‘napalm girl’ photo from Vietnam War turns 40