PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session Four

PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session Four

We started off the Wednesday, December 11th session by breaking into groups and discussing what idenitity was and why it was so important to understand it.

Students continued to write about their personal identities.

Diana presented her PhotoVoice collage and spoke about the importance of her family, her career and health as it pertained to who she was.

We’d later go over the scavenger hunt pictures and allow students to speak about the pictures they took.

My favorite part of this session was at then end when Mr. Stowell would connect this project and the importance of knowing your personal identity with the next step the students would be taking in life, middle school. We spoke about the peer pressure and cool factors that most middle school students face, and how it was important that all of them knew who they were as individuals.

With only one more session left I am more than happy with the way this project is panning out.

Stay tuned..

Domonique Meeks
AmbassadorNique Productions


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My PhotoVoice Project at Northgate Elementary (Starting November 13, 2013)

Happy Valentine’s Day (Written By AmbassadorNique)

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week is going pretty well. I am doing my best to keep these write up’s short so forgive me if I ramble. Tuesday night I was able to attend an event aimed to link young black undergraduates with mentors and allies. This was a very good event, and while I have a few complaints sometimes it’s better to keep them to yourself and look at the positives. This was a great networking opportunity for me since I am so new at this institution and really don’t know that many people outside of my department. I am actually following up by having lunch with one of the people I met and exchanging emails with some individuals who are currently in a Master’s Program I am looking into.

Wednesday was a great day. After a great workout at the gym I was able to speak to a co-worker who graduated from the same Master’s program I am applying to. I also found out that there will be a free 3 hour session on using Final Cut Pro X next month!

I will start hiking Tiger Mountain soon with one of the Doctors from our department and some co-workers. The goal is for the group to go on a continued basis, and also to diversify my hiking trips as well. The gym is great, but nothing will prepare me like actually getting up and doing it in the beautiful Washington state outdoors.

I ended the day with a delicious steak and lobster dinner (which I learned was called surf and turf.. lol) with my lady. She works tonight so we celebrated early. She also gave me gifts with a card made of a picture from our first valentine’s day we spent together back in 2007 before we started dating. Of course being an online shopper my gift didn’t arrive in time. I hope she likes it.