Jesus Arevalo, Cop, Will Face No Charges For Killing Veteran Stanley LaVon Gibson

Things aren’t always black and white. Nevertheless injustice is injustice. Even if/when race is not a factor it still stings to know another African American male’s life was taken at the hands of law enforcement. This happens way to often with little or no consequence. 

Jesus Arevalo, Cop, Will Face No Charges For Killing Veteran Stanley LaVon Gibson

Texas school staffer shot during gun class

This isn’t funny, however it is ironic. What in my opinion was a stupid decision to begin with in trying to give school officials guns to protect themselves turned into a sad event of someone getting shot! Maybe they should take the hint. However, they probably wont….

Texas school staffer shot during gun class

Nine Killed in Chicago Weekend Violence

Wow and the gun violence continues in Chicago. Unfortunately it seems as though the shootings will not slow down anytime soon. Its hard to imagine a 16 year old boy losing his life on a street in America to a gun. There is nothing that anyone can say that will legitimize this. We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So many are not even being granted the first honor. I do not have an answer on how to slow down the murder rate in Chicago or around the United States, but I do know that there are experts, criminologist, investigators, researchers law makers and policy makers whose jobs it is to focus on issues like these.

Unfortunately, gun control is not the only problem here. There are deeper issues. Some of these issues include, poverty, lack of employment and mental health services. We have to do a better job at showing society a larger picture of life. Giving better options and resources to solve there daily hurdles. Until changes are made we will continue to lose human lives over senseless violence.

Nine Killed in Chicago Weekend Violence