Scientists Report First Cure Of HIV In A Child, Say It’s A Game-Changer

This is definitely a game changer! Its crazy to think that there is the possibility that we could see a cure for HIV/AIDS in our life time. There are still many questions regarding this young babies case, but the whole world is watching and there are many people very excited about the progress. 

Scientists Report First Cure Of HIV In A Child, Say It’s A Game-Changer

Report Criticizes School Discipline Measures Used in Mississippi

This was a really good article. The ‘Know Your Rights’ workshop that I put on back in September with the City of Seattle Human Services Department was primarily focused around this topic. The conference was primarily about informing community organizations, youth service providers, and community members about what was going on and what rights students and their parents had. Along with how Washington State is a right to educate state. Every student has the right to be educated even if they are expelled the state must provide a way for them to continue to be educated either by giving them the work they will miss, night school, online classes and/or an alternative school. 

Furthermore… The reason this is more important than ever… is bc Obama just passed a law putting more armed guards in schools. If they are already putting elementary school kids in jump suits and throwing them in the back of police cars for not wearing belts in schools imagine what will come… 

“The report comes as lawmakers in many states, including Mississippi, are considering plans to place armed officers or guards in every school, a measure that has gained traction since the shootings in Newtown, Conn. While this report does not focus on that issue specifically, its authors suggest that the presence of more police officers could make a bad problem worse.”

Report Criticizes School Discipline Measures Used in Mississippi