Sweden’s Closet Racists

THIS… was kind of a sad read. It was something that I feel like most people of color here in America can relate to. More specifically more people of color trying to make our ways through this capitalist society doing what it takes to go along to get along, pay bills, and wanting to be accepted, fairly judged by the creed of our character, and the hard work. While many of us are guilty of code switching and going out of our way to fit in and not cause waves, often times none this matters. 

Sweden’s Closet Racists

Living With Less. A Lot Less.

This article was a very good. While the man in the article made a ton of money at a young age in Seattle during the .com boom, he tells a story that will make one take a closer look in the mirror. I know when I get to my apartment tonight I will be looking around closer at the materials I have asking myself how much of it is necessary?

I am a firm disbeliever of the punch clock logic and common misconceptions from people my age that since I am 25 we are now somehow old, stuck, and should be getting ready for child rearing, settling down, and looking for a mortgage and a car payment. However, I hope to continue to pursue happiness, travel, take advantage of nature and what’s here in my own backyard, move toward better health, managing my money better and continue to educate myself through media, communication and most importantly life experiences.

I think what I took from it, was a personal look of how I could do better. Carbon footprint aside, I have to do a better job of getting rid of clutter, junk and items that I do not use that take up space.

Living With Less. A Lot Less.

Hikind apologizes for wearing blackface at Purim party

Really? You’re an elected official who comes from an under-represented background and it never crosses your mind that dressing up in black face, a fake afro and a basketball jersey might be offensive?! The half-ass apology was a joke! Especially from someone who on numerous occasions has asked for equality and justice when his own race is offended. 

I hope that others will learn from his mistakes and he will serve as an example for people to think before they do stupid stuff like this. One can only hope.

Hikind apologizes for wearing blackface at Purim party

Report Criticizes School Discipline Measures Used in Mississippi

This was a really good article. The ‘Know Your Rights’ workshop that I put on back in September with the City of Seattle Human Services Department was primarily focused around this topic. The conference was primarily about informing community organizations, youth service providers, and community members about what was going on and what rights students and their parents had. Along with how Washington State is a right to educate state. Every student has the right to be educated even if they are expelled the state must provide a way for them to continue to be educated either by giving them the work they will miss, night school, online classes and/or an alternative school. 

Furthermore… The reason this is more important than ever… is bc Obama just passed a law putting more armed guards in schools. If they are already putting elementary school kids in jump suits and throwing them in the back of police cars for not wearing belts in schools imagine what will come… 

“The report comes as lawmakers in many states, including Mississippi, are considering plans to place armed officers or guards in every school, a measure that has gained traction since the shootings in Newtown, Conn. While this report does not focus on that issue specifically, its authors suggest that the presence of more police officers could make a bad problem worse.”

Report Criticizes School Discipline Measures Used in Mississippi

New York’s hometown columnist

Shoutout to Juan Gonzalez! I’ve been watching him on Democracy now for quite some time. This weekend the New York Daily News honored him with a 2 page spread and an editorial piece about his 25 years of service. He’s still one of the few giving us uncensored truth in this country where the media is full of capitalism, red tape, politics. Hats off.. 

New York’s hometown columnist

Something Brand New…

Life… What is life without a dream? There are those who do not believe in dreams, rather they believe that others should find a better use for their time, however; I would disagree. In my opinion, a dream is merely the end result of hard work, accomplished goals and dedication. I do my best to always remember that everyone’s path, experiences, resources and opportunities are different. Who am I to judge? What may seem completely ridiculous to myself, could be the world to someone else. Recently I have made it a point to surround myself with positive energy, and like minded people who are also doing their best to achieve there goals.

I have many dreams that have taken me in many different directions. Fortunately for me, the foundation was always the same. That foundation has always been to be a positive member in society that would help progress and advance my generation, my culture, my peers, and those in need. It is my goal to some how some way help others and myself build a bridge between our dreams and what is reality. This might be through information, through opportunities and/or resources. There is no right or wrong way to spread this message. As long as one gets the message THAT’S what is important to me.

I am a believer! I believe in order to help others I must first take care of myself. I am working hard to be a better use to myself as well as those in need. I’ve run into challenges, obstacles, and setbacks (mostly from no ones fault but my own). That being said, I plan to learn from past mistakes and continue to build my foundation one day at a time. Life at times is trial and error, and we must build from our mistakes. My mother always told me a setback is just a set up for a comeback. There are no such thing as shortcuts, there will be no handouts given. We must sweat, shake hands, kiss babies, smile, laugh, work hard, and remember to enjoy every second of this life.

Let this serve as a new beginning to where we are headed. This will be the platform for my opinions, thoughts, ambitions, wishes, goals and dreams. Too often ideas are born, cultivated, and die in my brain. I hope that this becomes a solution to my problem. I do not have all the answers, nor am I always right… This is FACT. I may not use perfect spelling or grammar, but I do have something to say, and I will so say it. Here’s to a new beginning.