Cory Booker on the Presidency, Social Media, and Jersey

“If politics can’t keep up with this [technology] in many ways its going to be bad for our democracy.”

The city of Newark, New Jersey’s Mayor Corey Booker discussed his personal life, social media, and the brand new world we live in. Very inspiring, however there are still many barriers.

I enjoyed this interview because Cory and the interviewer discussed the connection between social media, technology and social justice and what can be done to help promote it. While I continue to search for the best way to make a difference there is no greater time than the present to be a content creator.


Domonique Meeks
AmbassadorNique Productions

Hikind apologizes for wearing blackface at Purim party

Really? You’re an elected official who comes from an under-represented background and it never crosses your mind that dressing up in black face, a fake afro and a basketball jersey might be offensive?! The half-ass apology was a joke! Especially from someone who on numerous occasions has asked for equality and justice when his own race is offended. 

I hope that others will learn from his mistakes and he will serve as an example for people to think before they do stupid stuff like this. One can only hope.

Hikind apologizes for wearing blackface at Purim party