The Roots Of Beyonce’s Super Bowl Spectacular

“As the pop world’s mirror couple to the Obamas, she and Jay-Z embody not only remarkable personal achievement — he’s the black Horatio Alger, she’s the American Girl — but also racial pride and gender equality, at a time when the politics of race and feminism are confusingly in flux.’ 

Great read about one of the hardest working women in show biz! Shout out to Beyonce for always holding it down for not only black women but women in general! 

PS. Had to come back and add that the comments on this article are RIDICULOUS!!! Beyonce fat? Can’t sing? Umm what planet do these people live on?! Oh the evolution of the internet.. 

The Roots Of Beyonce’s Super Bowl Spectacular

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is bin Laden’s Last Victory

“Food for thought, you do the dishes” (c) Jay-Z

I kept hearing great things about this movie to the point that I kind of wanted to see it. I wont go into much detail about the review itself but Matt Taibbi writer for Rolling Stone does a phenomenal job of connecting the dots. I’m not one to criticize a movie I haven’t seen but after reading this review, this is one that I can wait for Netflix to watch. 

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is bin Laden’s Last Victory