Seattle grounds police drone program


After hearing the Seattle Police Department two weeks ago the hope is that their word means something. The decision to not be the first city in the world to use unmanned drones is a great one in my opinion. Shout goes out to the organizations and street people who are still fighting this every day. Hate them or love them without them stepping up politicians and government organizations would do whatever they wanted.  

Seattle grounds police drone program

In China, Beware: A Camera May Be Watching You

This article is an interesting listen. It reminded me of an article I posted a few months back about Microsoft helping the NYPD do pretty much the same thing (See

I guess the only difference is the United States has not quite reached the programs full potential. Either that are we are much more quiet about it. Nevertheless this should not scare anyone for visiting China however it should wake people up about what is soon to come in a city near you. As I mentioned earlier when the news first came out about NYPD, if it was created by Microsoft you better believe Washington State metropolitan cities like Bellevue and Seattle are not far from trying to get these laws implemented. Seeing as how the Seattle Police Department already has a drone, I mean why would not they have the technology to spy on anyone they please? 

In China, Beware: A Camera May Be Watching You