‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is bin Laden’s Last Victory

“Food for thought, you do the dishes” (c) Jay-Z

I kept hearing great things about this movie to the point that I kind of wanted to see it. I wont go into much detail about the review itself but Matt Taibbi writer for Rolling Stone does a phenomenal job of connecting the dots. I’m not one to criticize a movie I haven’t seen but after reading this review, this is one that I can wait for Netflix to watch. 

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is bin Laden’s Last Victory

‘Girls’ Through the Veil

“Invisibility is problematic, caricature is worse….”

This article is from last year but I really enjoyed the analysis of the portrayal of the black woman on television. The quote above made me pose the same question to myself not only about black women but about all people of color. To take it a step further all under-represented groups. At the same time the article was also inspiring in thinking about the importance of creating our own content and holding each other accountable for how we are representing cultures of color. Rightfully so, it is still important to hold larger establishments accountable for their violations. In the age of smart phones I am surprised at the level of ignorance that still exists about minorities. One would think with so much information at our fingertips we would no longer be so quick to assume things about the unknown. I suppose with so much bad content, it’s hard to know where to find the truth. Only time will tell I suppose. 

‘Girls’ Through the Veil