First Hike of 2014: Heather Lake

First Hike of 2014: Heather Lake

Diana, Jennifer, and I went on our first hike of the season this past weekend to Heather Lake. I was unprepared for the snow that we came across on the last third of the hike, but we still had a great time. I am excited to continue to go on more journey’s with close friends this season. Come one, come all! Northwest Forest Pass Required..

PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session Three

PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session Three

This past Wednesday, December 4, 2013 we were delighted to have our special guest “J Sqwerl” also known as Jonathan Higuchi from the Internationally known Seattle b-boy collective Massive Monkee’s Crew. He gave a talk about his personal identity and the roles that creativity his family, and the city of Seattle play in shaping his identity. He encouraged students to think outside the box and really dig deep into their own identities to find something unique.

Students took time to free write and turn our session two brainstorms into actual sentences that they will use to create the artist statement portion of their projects. Some students would share their sentence and ideas with the entire class.

We Reviewed how to use the camera’s before heading outside for a mini scavenger hunt. We were able to take advantage of the weather and and allow them time to practice with the camera’s before they head out on their own.

Students really enjoyed the activities and hands on use.

HUGE thank you to Jonathan Higuchi for his time, assistance, and inspirational words. Thank you to Jackie for her assistance and to Diana for her assistance and beautiful Photo’s. Until next time. Eagles With Camera’s.

Domonique Meeks
AmbassadorNique Productions


PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session Two

PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session One

My PhotoVoice Project at Northgate Elementary (Starting November 13, 2013)