Road To Fuji Blog – Welcome To Japan (Day One)

The last time I was in Japan was March 2011. This was the same time as the infamous North Japan tsunami / earthquake. This time I am not by myself, I am with the brodies, Madi, Rupert, and Dez. While I am excited to share pictures, and videos I decided to write this so that I can do my best to tell this story in greater detail. Often times the book is better than the movie, right? Haha


We landed in Tokyo after flying almost all day. We flew from SeaTac to LA around 630a Thursday morning PST and left LA for Narita at around 130p. The second flight was 10.5 hours. Delta International was actually really awesome. They had a very extensive free movie selection and even had free Showtime and $2 HBO. The food wasn’t the best but we were fed quite often. We landed around 445p Friday evening Japan time (Wow we pretty much flew for a day in a half lol including time zones). Madi, Dez and I had the same flight, but Rupert flew straight from Seattle and landed about 30 min after us.


After landing it seemed like we were in the airport forever!! Customs was no problem, we exchanged some money, and exchanged our 7 day bullet train passes at and bought our ticket from the airport to Tokyo on the Narita express (¥ 3200). The exchange rate at the airport was better than the one at the hotel but not better than the one at the currency exchange place in Tokyo. After taking the 30 minute express train we arrived in Tokyo and found our way to our capsule hotels. I quickly regretted not packing the bag with wheels as walking around Japan with an overweight backpack is no fun.. The capsule hotels actually weren’t as bad as I expected. Very spacious, wifi, shower, tv (¥2200/night or about $22). We ate at a small restaurant with an English menu. I ordered gyoza and rice and shared fried rice and sweet bread. We headed back to the our capsules, showered and slept until the next morning.


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