Road To Fuji Blog (Day Three)

WE WOKE UP STARVING!!! We ate breakfast, got dressed repacked our bags and headed towards the train station to use our bullet train passes for the first time.


We would take the local train one stop and then take the bullet train to Osaka for about 2 hours. After getting to Osaka we dropped our bags off and headed to Osaka castle.


Afterwords we made the mistake of returning to the hotel, determined NOT to fall asleep early. Everyone did, leaving me to go for dinner on my own. I had a beef bowl at Yoshino’s around the corner. Definitely not as good as I remembered. I came back to the hotel and went to sleep with the rest of the crew. #JetLagFail


Dez and Madi on our way to Osaka Castle. It was very hot and humid in Osaka.


Osaka Castle was pretty awesome, reminded me of Hamamatsu Castle. It’d be interesting to find out more about this history of these places!


So this man was letting people hold his birds for FREE! I saw an owl I wanted to hold but the owl didn’t look to happy and I didn’t want to get attacked! 

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Comfort is the enemy of dream chasing (Written by AmbassadorNique)

Its been awhile but I’ve been vlogging and journalist.. here’s a blog!

Japan countdown: 14 Days!

Okay so I had this long post written in detail but I’ll give you the short story. Last night I re-watched my old DomoVlogs from when I lived in Japan (circa 2010), how they were maybe to honest, ignorant and immature. This led me to listening to old songs I made back in the day. Hearing how unpolished ignorant about happiness, money, love and life was a bit too real. While I still have a lot of growing up to do, I am not ashamed of past thoughts, but more importantly today I want to write about comfort.

Comfort is something I feel like most people aspire to achieve. Like success, comfort is relative and someone’s ceiling is another person’s floor. We were sold the dream that if we go to college and cross the finish line we would receive a piece of paper, a decent job at the least and be able to live comfortably. These were the bare minimums. I cannot say that this is not true, because with some help from my family, I was able to make this happen after a year or two. However, recently comfort has become my worst enemy.

If you have been following me you know my 3 goals this year are Good health, education and better financial decisions. Comfort costs a lot of money and can be time consuming. Its something that we strive for but once I figured out that settling down, buying a house, getting married, and having kids wasn’t the life for me, life had to be re-evaluated. Not that there is anything wrong with that life, its just not for me. I always wanted the freedom to express myself, and share my art with whomever would watch/listen. Aspiring for comfort also meant doing things I did not want to, and looking for acceptance from people that don’t necessarily matter. We find comfort in the things we buy, nice clothes, cars, art, furniture, acceptance etc. Not understanding to maintain this comfort we will dig us deeper and deeper into a life that we do not control. Rather a life that is controlled by our income, and outsiders.

From what I understand most Americans have the ability to sign a promissory note to get a loan for college, can finish undergrad, sign up for more loans go to graduate school, and make a living working somewhere that will pay them a decent if not good salary that will allow them to payback their loans with interest, put a down payment on a house, a car some nice toys to live…. Comfortable. I get it, people just want to be happy and by no means do I look down on these people, because I too at one time or another wanted to be these people. Now… nothing scares me more than becoming one of these people. I know for a fact this was not, and is not MY dream.


I know I just painted a really black and white picture. Everyone’s wants something different and I do my best not to judge. Furthermore by no means do I want to seem hypocritical when I apply to graduate school next year. I was like most people who graduated college in this race to change the world, get paid for it to buy toys and gain “success”. What is success if you are not doing what it is you want to be doing? “Victory to me is when you spend your time right…” Success is having the freedom and power to do what we want to do with your time. Vanity will not get me closer to that, a student loan will not get me closer to that, and unless it’s get a degree I want even a Masters degree will not get me closer to Freedom! To me life is about experiences and the more comfortable I live, the less life I will experience. There are those who would disagree, and would argue children are the greatest gift in life, and money will afford you those life experiences, but personally for me right here right now at 26… hard work, opportunity and artistic freedom have provided me the greatest experiences I’ve had thus far.


I made a vow to never complain without coming up with a potential solution. My solution is to continue to scale down my life, continue to be realistic with myself about what it is I need to do. Money is not everything, but it IS important. Also important is knowing your worth (but that’s a completely different discussion altogether). Saving money is even more important. Most of the people I grew up around didn’t inherit anything with any sort of monetary value. Some of them were lucky enough to inherited culture, traditions and family heirlooms. But the solution for me is to create that tradition, create that culture. I hope my road to Fuji inspires my future children, nieces and nephews, and their children to carry on tradition to go climb Mt. Fuji like my father did in 1988/’89. In my opinion the best way to hold myself accountable to creating my art and staying on my path of creativity, education, good health and better financial responsibility  is to avoid living comfortable. Comfort is the enemy of dream chasing.

Stay focused stay hungry,

Domonique Meeks
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Discipline (Written By AmbassadorNique)

With so much internet content it’s hard to stay focused and not become distracted by procrastination. I catch myself getting caught up in the lives of others. YIKES I need to fall back immediately!

Tonight I will be turning in my graduate school application. More so than anything I’m just excited to be done! Fingers crossed that I am accepted, but prepared to re-apply and apply to even more programs if I don’t.

Speaking of getting caught in other people’s lives, I finally had a chance to watch the 30 For 30: Fab 5. What a story. The up’s and the downs and turns. It’s interesting to hear about their lives after college and professional sports. The level of support they were able to show each other and how they never omitted their identities. The level of prejudice they were forced to overcome was huge. Unfortunately the story is not without scandal. Anyway, this was very well put together, and ironically the year the sanctions for the banners were lifted Michigan attends the NCAA championship game .

I need to work harder on my discipline. I have been doing better at educating myself. There is a new book I’ve been neglecting to read called Makes Me Wana Holler, that I must return to the library by the 12th. My workouts have been going okay, but I need to create a better routine. The weather has been very UNmotivating.

Money wise the coming of spring means everyone wants to reconnect. This means lunches, dinners, coffee’s, smoothies ect. I am trying to balance this out and stay on a budget. I just bought a new mattress that I’ve been looking around for, for about half a year. I found a deal but it’s still a big purchase. I’ve been forcing myself to cook more. Groceries are not cheap, but I do a good job of stretching dinner into lunch. I also found a good place for fruits and veggies.

I need to do better at writing down my goals and re-evaluate where I want to be, what I want to accomplish. I feel I am in a very safe boat going slowly down stream.

I guess another way of looking at my current situation is I’ve finally accomplished applying for grad school and now that I’ll have more free time, its time to get back to business DISCIPLINE!


More supporters less critics… let art be art.. (Written By AmbassadorNique)

Oh how the time flies… I recently wrote a blog post, but before writing this one sadly I wasn’t sure if I had posted it… I did… This just means I haven’t been writing enough. Lately I’ve been working on a graduate school application trying to sum up my life in 7 very general questions that don’t seem to ask much about the person I have transformed into through life experiences  I guess that’s life, we have to bend the rules in order to freely express ourselves and still manage to get what we want out of it.

I’ve been doing a decent job of sharing things that inspire me lately on this blog. Last night the Pharrell interview with Henry Rollins really inspired me. It made me feel like I wasn’t crazy. YES, I am not the only one who thinks that equality and justice should be common sense. We are far from perfect beings, but we are slowly moving in the direction of enlightenment.

I am trying to catch myself when blogging in order to find some sort of direction. Inspiration is always nice to find but often times the same things that I post that affect me can affect us all. From the recent Boston bombings to drone strikes. However, this is not a news blog.. If you want the news follow NPR or something, however I do my best to add my perspective on situations. Bloging to me is a form of art. Articulation to me is art. Being able to put together words is important to me, to tell your truth and deliver information. Factual or fiction its all in the delivery. My writing skills are not amazing, but its easier to freely right a blog and not care if it will be broken down and torn apart since there is little consequence for my opinion!

Insert Segway here…

The other day I sat back thinking about all the time I spent as an amateur Hip Hop artist. When I say amateur, I mean nobody really heard it, except for a few of my friends and my family. I thank them for their ears, their criticism, their support, their honesty, and for some their lies. Lol. Recording music was my way to express myself, even when expressing pure ignorance, I was telling my truth as I knew it. I look back on the enjoyment I received when a song was completed and ready to be shared and I remember how much I enjoyed those moments. At some point life got involved and I began to see that I was in too deep and what was once a hobby, and a way to express myself became open for interpretation by anyone who would listen. It changed from a hobby to me to a DREAM that I wanted, and the goal was less about therapy and more about trying to get paid. I’m not sure when that happened; I’m not sure when I realized it wasn’t feasible. One day I just stopped. I became a critic like everyone else examining and dissecting everyone else’s art. It sounds horrible but it’s the truth. Today, art is art to me. I have my opinions, but it’s like religion, your god may not be my god and I’m okay with that. You enjoy what you enjoy because of why you enjoy it. That’s all that matters to me. I will support the art that I enjoy and life will be okay for all of us. On the flip side I will defend the art that I like to the fullest if debates occur, and still think some art is GARBAGE (haha). It’s not that the art I like is better than what you like, but it’s like saying “I have the best mom.” She may not actually be THE best, but shes MY mom… so no doubt I will defend her honor.

I’m wrapping up this grad school app, still on my work out plan, still cooking, and not yet learning my Japanese. The days are going by faster and I’m determined to make the most of the extra day light we have. Stay focused.


‘Bobalife’ By Fung Brothers Presents Health Benefits Of Taiwanese Tea Drink

The Huffington Post?! Nice Fung Bros! Below is a little fact check from Andrew Fung himself on the Huffington’s blog post. 

Huffington Post blogged about BOBALIFE! However, the confusion comes from when we said “boba means boobies”. The words ‘boba’ in Cantonese means “big boobs”. So the slang for boba originated in Hong Kong. So literally boba means boobies. Anyway….


Just bought my tee on Thursday! Can’t wait to get it!

‘Bobalife’ By Fung Brothers Presents Health Benefits Of Taiwanese Tea Drink

Something Brand New…

Life… What is life without a dream? There are those who do not believe in dreams, rather they believe that others should find a better use for their time, however; I would disagree. In my opinion, a dream is merely the end result of hard work, accomplished goals and dedication. I do my best to always remember that everyone’s path, experiences, resources and opportunities are different. Who am I to judge? What may seem completely ridiculous to myself, could be the world to someone else. Recently I have made it a point to surround myself with positive energy, and like minded people who are also doing their best to achieve there goals.

I have many dreams that have taken me in many different directions. Fortunately for me, the foundation was always the same. That foundation has always been to be a positive member in society that would help progress and advance my generation, my culture, my peers, and those in need. It is my goal to some how some way help others and myself build a bridge between our dreams and what is reality. This might be through information, through opportunities and/or resources. There is no right or wrong way to spread this message. As long as one gets the message THAT’S what is important to me.

I am a believer! I believe in order to help others I must first take care of myself. I am working hard to be a better use to myself as well as those in need. I’ve run into challenges, obstacles, and setbacks (mostly from no ones fault but my own). That being said, I plan to learn from past mistakes and continue to build my foundation one day at a time. Life at times is trial and error, and we must build from our mistakes. My mother always told me a setback is just a set up for a comeback. There are no such thing as shortcuts, there will be no handouts given. We must sweat, shake hands, kiss babies, smile, laugh, work hard, and remember to enjoy every second of this life.

Let this serve as a new beginning to where we are headed. This will be the platform for my opinions, thoughts, ambitions, wishes, goals and dreams. Too often ideas are born, cultivated, and die in my brain. I hope that this becomes a solution to my problem. I do not have all the answers, nor am I always right… This is FACT. I may not use perfect spelling or grammar, but I do have something to say, and I will so say it. Here’s to a new beginning.