AmbassadorNique Productions Presents: “Be The Change” (Digital Story)

For almost a year I’ve wanted to create this digital story. Starting with nothing, there were many factors that slowed down the process. Nevertheless, the blame could only be placed on my shoulders. The most challenging hurdle was finding the story. For months I could not figure out what story I wanted to tell. I bounced around themes and while my original story tied in music, something i’ve always loved, this was not the story I wanted to share.

While I feel that with more time this video could have been 10x better, a lesson I was taught was that you must release art and keep working in order to grow to your full potential. I have not been following this rule, but I hope the change starts here!

In my opinion social change comes with education and collaboration. In order to break down barriers we much share our stories and shred the assumptions and ignorance that we are fed in our society. This is my first digital story of many. I hope to not only share more of myself, but more of my friends, my family and my community. You should too.


Fresh Off the Boat: Not To Be Sold

Very introspective read. Shoutout to Eddie Huang!

I love the post about supporting local, and how we should support business and people that are giving back to their community. He said Target and Walmart are not going to save your small town, and when they kick out all the bodegas and farmers markets they will sell products at whatever price they want too. For me this struck a chord. I was recently talking to a friend about me shopping at Wal-Mart saying unfortunately I just don’t have the money to be picky about where I shop. This is complete bull and we are all lying to ourselves by saying it. The economy isn’t great but, as long as we make excuses and keep supporting these giant corporations the beast will only keep growing. 

Fresh Off the Boat: Not To Be Sold