PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We? Session Two

PhotoVoice Eagles With Cameras: “Project on Identity” Who Are We?

Session Two

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No more butterflies! This session I was ready to dive in head first. I knew exactly what I was going to say, I was ready to get student input and show them a good time. We went through the pictures that students took last weeks and were able to see some great work and hear wonderful stories!

Students received homework the night before to find out the history of their name. Why they were given the name, what it meant, and where it came from.

We were also gave students time to brainstorm what photo’s they would take pertaining to their own identity and projects. Although my time management wasn’t on point I’d say for an hour we squeezed a lot of good stuff in and students were able to share openly and freely. Next week we hope look at Social v. Personal identity, take a look at some photo’s from their scavenger hunt and MORE PICTURES!

BIG thank you for Diana helping out and taking photo’s and to Mr. Stowell for making it all happen.

Domonique Meeks
AmbassadorNique Productions

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