Everything I’m Not Made Me Everything I Am (Written By AmbassadorNique)

Everything I’m not made me everything I am. Well it’s been about a month at my new position and I’m still happy. Things are pretty slow since students are now on Winter Vacation, but it has given me time to learn concepts and understand things before the real fun starts in January. Some big things are coming my way this Winter. My goal is to start a new gym membership in January and start waking up early at least 2 days a week to make this happen. Hopefully I will start an extended learning Japanese class January 8th where I can learn basic Japanese language and culture. The goal is to be a lot more dedicated than I am about learning the language now. I will also be starting a GRE prep course in February that will hopefully allow me to successfully apply for a Masters program. My goal is to obtain a Masters that will allow me to use Digital Media and Social Networking to progress social and criminal justice.

I’ve recently bought two new books read. The first will be The Five Love Languages. This book is all about communication and understanding in relationships. The second book is Total Money Makeover. This one is all about saving money! These are two things I think EVERYONE should work on. More importantly these are things that I need to work on.

Continuing to educate myself is definitely something that I feel is very important to me progressing in this world. While I know that this will require much more time and much more effort than I’m giving now, I also know that it will be well worth it!

My New Year resolution is COMMITMENT. As long as I can commit myself to my goals and not let anything stand in my way 2013 will be a great year. Living in America we are all given some form of opportunity that can significantly change our living situations no matter what cards we are dealt. Nothing is perfect but every day is a new day to progress. Keep working, keep your integrity and keep smiling.


Conversations… (Written By AmbassadorNique)

The day after I wrote my last post on Tumblr I was able to speak with a random young lady who had recently graduated from Western Washington University in 2011. We were both volunteering at the Seattle Community Resource Exchange, an event that gave aid and resources to Seattle’s homeless populations and anyone else who needed the resources being offered. Listening to her speak was like listening to a younger version of myself speak. The level of pride she had for her college degree and the hard work that she had put in to receive it felt familiar. I mostly did my best to listen to her speak about her not knowing if she wanted to commit to going to Graduate school or if she wanted to follow her dream of becoming a professional sky diver instructor. Ironically we had both read Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and I reminded her of the 10,000 hours that it takes to master anything. After a long conversation there was no concrete answer but she agreed that commitment was something that was definitely necessary in this case. While I believe I helped this young lady, it honestly helped me more than anything. It reminded me that nothing happens without hard work and dedication. COMMITMENT… One can not be successful without commitment.

For many recent graduates upon gradation we were hit with the harsh reality that the real world wasn’t as eager to accept fresh blood. That and student loan payments… Myself and many others returned to the drawing board re-evaluating what direction it is that we wanted to go with the rest of our lives. I personally have returned to this drawing board more times than I’d like to admit, however I am thankful to have had the opportunities to do so. While there are many directions that any of us can go without first committing ourselves to a goal there is no way to get the 10,000 that Gladwell speaks of. While I have returned to the drawing board I only hope that I will soon find what I am looking for. 

Today I received a phone call from an old friends mother that I have neglected to call in quite sometime. I never want to be the person to burden anyone when I am down, but rather share good news, resources, and opportunity. She let me know I wasn’t the only one going through hard times, and reminded me that this economy was effecting everyone. This was something that I already knew, yet I suppose we get so lost in our own world of issues that sometimes we forget. She had told me someone close to us had recently fell on harder times losing possessions much more valuable.

After ending the phone call it made me think how much I have to be thankful for. My health, my families health, my possessions, the roof over my head, my transportation, great friends, my girlfriend. If not having career in the midst of the worst depression since the 1930s is the biggest problem I face on a daily basis, I must say I have a lot to be thankful for.

Peace and Love,


Something Brand New…

Life… What is life without a dream? There are those who do not believe in dreams, rather they believe that others should find a better use for their time, however; I would disagree. In my opinion, a dream is merely the end result of hard work, accomplished goals and dedication. I do my best to always remember that everyone’s path, experiences, resources and opportunities are different. Who am I to judge? What may seem completely ridiculous to myself, could be the world to someone else. Recently I have made it a point to surround myself with positive energy, and like minded people who are also doing their best to achieve there goals.

I have many dreams that have taken me in many different directions. Fortunately for me, the foundation was always the same. That foundation has always been to be a positive member in society that would help progress and advance my generation, my culture, my peers, and those in need. It is my goal to some how some way help others and myself build a bridge between our dreams and what is reality. This might be through information, through opportunities and/or resources. There is no right or wrong way to spread this message. As long as one gets the message THAT’S what is important to me.

I am a believer! I believe in order to help others I must first take care of myself. I am working hard to be a better use to myself as well as those in need. I’ve run into challenges, obstacles, and setbacks (mostly from no ones fault but my own). That being said, I plan to learn from past mistakes and continue to build my foundation one day at a time. Life at times is trial and error, and we must build from our mistakes. My mother always told me a setback is just a set up for a comeback. There are no such thing as shortcuts, there will be no handouts given. We must sweat, shake hands, kiss babies, smile, laugh, work hard, and remember to enjoy every second of this life.

Let this serve as a new beginning to where we are headed. This will be the platform for my opinions, thoughts, ambitions, wishes, goals and dreams. Too often ideas are born, cultivated, and die in my brain. I hope that this becomes a solution to my problem. I do not have all the answers, nor am I always right… This is FACT. I may not use perfect spelling or grammar, but I do have something to say, and I will so say it. Here’s to a new beginning.