#PayItForward: $1 for Domo and Diana Support Room 16



Diana and I are happy to announce that we will be mentoring 3 fifth grade students from Northgate Elementary school this spring! We will not only assist these students as mentors but we are also committed to helping them financially make it to Washington DC this May 31, 2014! While in DC they will have the opportunity to tour the entire city where they will see monuments and learn the history of our nation. It is our task in the next 2 months to raise $600 in total and we need your support!

Life Hack “Creating Positive Change” (Day Sixteen)

1. Write down 3 gratitude’s.

I feel am grateful for my grandmothers wisdom, grateful for a sister and a girl friend who care about me enough to listen to my thoughts and ideas and give me honest feedback and lastly I am thankful for enlightenment to understand that life is bigger than me or societal norms

2. Journal about 1 positive experience you’ve had over the last 24 hours

In the last 24 hours I was able to reach out to a photographer that will assist me in creating my upcoming project. I also ate a delicious dinner made by D and was able to relax.

3. Exercise: No

4. Meditate: Yes

5. Write one positive email praising or thanking someone in your social support network: Yes