My Hawaii Digital Story (AmbassadorNique Productions)

My Hawaii Digital Story (AmbassadorNique Productions) from AmbassadorNique Productions on Vimeo.

Rejuvenation… Peace… Tranquility…. Family… Love… Life… Health…

The ability to escape from the noise…
I came… I saw I learned, I grew…

It’s funny how life and the universe work. You wait for something to happen to the point that you count down the days. Looking out the window of the airplane it still felt unreal.

Two weeks of adventure on the island of Oahu. I was able to spend time with my grandmother as I learned more about my families history, her life, and family traditions. I hiked Diamond and Koko Head, checked off most but definitely not all of my to do in Hawaii list, was able to relax and even parasail. I saw two friends get married, spent time with others and even attended a Luau at the Polynesian Culture Center

What excited me most about this trip was that I would finally have the time to adventure and relax with my amazing and beautiful girlfriend.