Pre-Game (Written By AmbassadorNique)

Almost mid-July 2014, Seattle Washington. The sun is here and the days between me and the beginning of graduate school are few and far between. Let me be honest, I am a bit nervous. My time is very limited due to many different factors. Some of my own fault in procrastination, but mostly because I am just busy.

It is my goal to finish my documentary and my digital story by the time graduate school starts. My original goal was mid july but life definitely slows that down.

In the mean time I have finally moved closer to campus. Although this will cost a bit more, I feel that it will allow me greater opportunities to not only be closer to my new job at the ECC, but also it will allow me to network and take full advantage of the MANY resources here on campus. As I write this I sit at a very fast iMac where I have started my “We The People” documentary. I am very fortunate to have these resources and I know they will make the difference in my success. I also cannot wait to take advantage of the IMA sports gym, and some on site concealing. I know the last one sounds weird, but I truly believe mental health is just as important as physical. I also would like to change my eating habits and hope to soon start applying this to how I shop for groceries and cook.

I am excited to have a little over a month left at my current job. I am thankful for the opportunities and I have no doubt without it I would not be where I am today, ready to embark on new adventures! I take many lessons learned from the good and bad times.

As I continue to grow as do the people around me. One special person being Diana who continues to prepare herself to be the strongest PA school candidate possible, I am thankful for her wisdom, her care, and love. I will do whatever it takes to not only help her get into PA school, but also help her follow through with her degree. I am thankful that she has shared all 5 of her wonderful sisters with me and I look forward to assisting them and watching them grow as well.

I’ll keep this short as I hope to start vlogging soon!

Stay tuned,

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