R.I.P. Sam Lott

Last week I found out an old friend from elementary school had passed. As I racked my brain of our first encounter and ones after that with so much going on right now it was hard to think. It wasn’t until Saturday night when it all came to me.

I met Sam in the 2nd grade at recess playing basketball. Even though we didn’t keep in touch much once I moved away we’d always seem to reconnect. I remember our AIM rap battles my homie David set up and even the songs we made back when he was ‘Knowledge’!

I wish I had done a better job to keep in touch and I hate the fact he was taken away from us too soon.

I know he somewhere helping keep the universe in order.

Today I will attend Sam’s funeral. I can say I have been spared and blessed not to have to attend many funerals in my lifetime, and for many of us Sam is the first of our classmates to have passed. While friends have their beefs and fights and riffs, it was always nothing but smiles and laugh’s with Sam. Always down to make the best out of a bad situation and forever ready to just have a great time. Thank you for the memories, thank you for our friendship, thank you for being you. Rest in Paradise Sam Lott.




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