Avoiding The Monster #FastFoodGlobal

Avoiding The Monster #FastFoodGlobal

As we wait for the fine print to dry on how Seattle will implement their plan to raise minimum wage to $15/hour I still honestly do not feel one way or the other about the decision. However, we must support local communities around the world against global giants like McDonald’s (obviously just ONE example). If we cannot muster up the extra time and money that it will cost to support one day we will wake up to a world where global giants are all we’ve got.

Personally it scares me that (1) a McDonald’s cheese-burger and fries has tasted the same in every country I’ve ever eaten McDonald’s in and that can’t be good for anybody’s health! Furthermore, we MUST hold ourselves and the people whom produce food for the world to higher standards! (2) As much as I love and champion technology and how its helped to level playing fields across the world in business, technology, and education; I also understand the other end of the spectrum means that if we do not stand up for, financially and verbally support the people and businesses whom give back to our communities, soon all we will have is the corporation. As we see our beautiful city be gentrified before our eyes, lets start with ourselves. I’ve started with me. #FastFoodGlobal #WakeUpSeattle


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