Accepted! The Marathon Continues…

Every so often thoughts come to my head about gatekeepers and the power they wield. While we still strive for acceptance who do we become when things do not go our way? When the gate keepers say no and your left to dust yourself off, and try again?…

This past Friday I received an acceptance letter from UW’s iSchool MSIM program. The letter means more than me than an opportunity of fulfilling my goals and a chance to achieve a career that I hope will ultimately make me happy. It’s a reminder of hard work and dedication. It reminds me that I should always be crazy enough to believe in myself and stay committed.

This was the easy part. I have no doubt the road will get rough, however, I am secure in the fact that I have chosen the right path. To the people I interviewed, the people that listened, my friends, my family, strangers, the resources and opportunities, THANK YOU! I could not have made it this far without you.

Next step… Find the money to pay for this! 

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