Right Here, Right Now…

As I sit on this plane 30,000 feet up, I think about the impact I want to make in my lifetime and what it is I want to accomplish. What it is that is important to me, and what inspires me. I think about how I can do everything I want to do NOW. How I can cut out the middle man and create a space where ultimately I am using my time wisely. I strive to spend my time with people that inspire me, educating myself and finding what promotes creativity and positivity. I want a masters degree but I’m not sure I NEED one to accomplish my goals. I will do everything I seek to do with or without one.

I have to get back to writing everyday, more exercise, more meditation, reading more creating! I must find work that inspires me. Regardless of how much it pays the fact that we spend most of our day at a job.. I should be inspired. Money DOES matter… But that’s an entirely different subject… I am a content creator.. I am enlightened. I will be great!

Peace and Love,

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