LIFE HACK “Creating Positive Change” (Day Two)

1. Write down 3 gratitude’s each day

The 3 gratitudes I have today are good health, happiness and educational progression. 

2. Journal about 1 positive experience you’ve had over the last 24 hours 

A positive experience in the last 24 hours was meeting our visiting scholar today and having her tell us that we were of great assistance to her. We were told that compared to many other programs we had gone above and beyond in trying to find resources. It is definitely our goal to make sure she has a positive experience here in Seattle.

3. Exercise: No

4. Meditate: No, will sleep soon…

5. Write one positive email praising or thanking someone in your social support network: Not today, but I did write an email to a person whom took part in a project that I would like to start. 

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