Photo Voice (Innovative Idea’s)

Yesterday two co-workers told me about a cool innovative idea they thought I would be interested in. The project was called Photo Voice and essentially the idea was using technology and camera’s to engage youth in creating, building, and reflecting on community. After a quick google search I found out that Seattles urbanIMPACT was responsible for this project.

Here are the steps of their program:

STEP 1: We ask students to explore 2 questions:

What do they like about their comunity?

What do they dislike about their community?

STEP 2: Students brainstorm over the buildings, people, and objects around their neighborhood and see what emotions they experience from them.

STEP 3: Students are given a disposal camera and take pictures of their neighborhood.

STEP 4: Students choose three photos and with the help of mentors, write an essay expressing their views about the community.

STEP 5: Essays will be compiled and given to civic leaders as the voice and vision of today’s generation.

STEP 6: Photos will be displayed at a gallery and pictures can be purchased with proceeds supporting next year’s Photo Voice.

I would definitely love to do this project sometime in the coming year. I would like to gather the resources, reach out to the right people to make this happen. 

-Domonique Meeks
AmbassadorNique Productions

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