Road To Fuji Blog (Day Three)

WE WOKE UP STARVING!!! We ate breakfast, got dressed repacked our bags and headed towards the train station to use our bullet train passes for the first time.


We would take the local train one stop and then take the bullet train to Osaka for about 2 hours. After getting to Osaka we dropped our bags off and headed to Osaka castle.


Afterwords we made the mistake of returning to the hotel, determined NOT to fall asleep early. Everyone did, leaving me to go for dinner on my own. I had a beef bowl at Yoshino’s around the corner. Definitely not as good as I remembered. I came back to the hotel and went to sleep with the rest of the crew. #JetLagFail


Dez and Madi on our way to Osaka Castle. It was very hot and humid in Osaka.


Osaka Castle was pretty awesome, reminded me of Hamamatsu Castle. It’d be interesting to find out more about this history of these places!


So this man was letting people hold his birds for FREE! I saw an owl I wanted to hold but the owl didn’t look to happy and I didn’t want to get attacked! 

Domonique Meeks
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