Road To Fuji Blog (Day Two)

Day Two:

We woke up in the capsule hotel. After showering I sent some emails and then hit the social networks. Once everyone was ready we hit the streets. We ate breakfast at Mr. Doughnut, a pretty popular doughnut chain. We were able to drop off our heavy bags at the next hotel before we roamed the streets of Tokyo. Sadly we would only be in the capsule hotel one night (wamp waaaamp)…

The currency exchange place wouldn’t open for another 45 minutes. We took that opportunity to visit a book store where Madi found a pretty awesome fashion style book and Rupert found a map of all Japan and a mini journal. We were able to get a better rate for our American dollar.


After exchanging the currency we would find a restaurant this time with no English menu. I ordered some kind of beef and rice and soup. This beef we later found out was beef tongue. The soup was really good — not sure what was in it. We headed back to the hotel to check in before heading to Shibuya.


In Shibuya we found a tattoo place called “Studio Muscat” and Rupert would make an appointment for August 3rd. We wandered a bit and took pictures of the Hachiko Dog. After taking a train to shinjiku garden we arrived at 440, to find out it closed at 430. The weather was very humid, but from the outside the garden looked very beautiful.


We would take the train back to Ginza where the hotel was located. The plan was to rest up before dinner, however a 630p nap turned into me waking back up at 2am and realize everyone else had been asleep too. I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until the next morning.

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