Discipline (Written By AmbassadorNique)

With so much internet content it’s hard to stay focused and not become distracted by procrastination. I catch myself getting caught up in the lives of others. YIKES I need to fall back immediately!

Tonight I will be turning in my graduate school application. More so than anything I’m just excited to be done! Fingers crossed that I am accepted, but prepared to re-apply and apply to even more programs if I don’t.

Speaking of getting caught in other people’s lives, I finally had a chance to watch the 30 For 30: Fab 5. What a story. The up’s and the downs and turns. It’s interesting to hear about their lives after college and professional sports. The level of support they were able to show each other and how they never omitted their identities. The level of prejudice they were forced to overcome was huge. Unfortunately the story is not without scandal. Anyway, this was very well put together, and ironically the year the sanctions for the banners were lifted Michigan attends the NCAA championship game .

I need to work harder on my discipline. I have been doing better at educating myself. There is a new book I’ve been neglecting to read called Makes Me Wana Holler, that I must return to the library by the 12th. My workouts have been going okay, but I need to create a better routine. The weather has been very UNmotivating.

Money wise the coming of spring means everyone wants to reconnect. This means lunches, dinners, coffee’s, smoothies ect. I am trying to balance this out and stay on a budget. I just bought a new mattress that I’ve been looking around for, for about half a year. I found a deal but it’s still a big purchase. I’ve been forcing myself to cook more. Groceries are not cheap, but I do a good job of stretching dinner into lunch. I also found a good place for fruits and veggies.

I need to do better at writing down my goals and re-evaluate where I want to be, what I want to accomplish. I feel I am in a very safe boat going slowly down stream.

I guess another way of looking at my current situation is I’ve finally accomplished applying for grad school and now that I’ll have more free time, its time to get back to business DISCIPLINE!


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