The Good, Racist People

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ScottChicagoNYT Pick

I am starting to have misgivings about articles like these: All that is good in the world (that I have observed) comes from tolerance and a willingness to forgive. Nothing ever good stems from quests for perfection and purity.

And yet so often these discussions are about purity of mind, purity of thought. I want to be a good person, yet I do get a bit more suspicious of black people on the train (if I force myself into such introspection). Do I, and all others like me, need to purge such impure thoughts in order for society to progress? And is it better to deny such thoughts exist — or instead work purposefully towards making sure I do not treat people unfairly?

I am not sure. All I know is that I will strive to be tolerant, forgiving, and open-minded.

Dear Scott… He’s talking about YOU! This was a great article that I feel like everyone should read. It made me wonder is the term racist thrown around lightly or are we too quick to forgive? Maybe both?


The Good, Racist People

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