DVD “Japanese American History Unknown” to be distributed to schools for free in US and Japan


Filmmaker Junichi Suzuki’s trilogy “Toyo’s Camera, Japanese American History during WWII,” “442, Live with Honor, Die with Dignity,” and “MIS, Human Secret Weapon” becomes one DVD “Japanese American History Unknown” (40 minutes) for distributing 2,000 educational facilities in the U.S. and Japan.

Approx. 1,000 schools in the U.S. and 500 schools in Japan have already been chosen. The remaining 500 DVD will be sent upon request.

Producer of the DVD, UTB Hollywood is accepting requests for the DVD from schools through early February. Distribution will be complete by end of February. Shipping is free of charge.

For request, contact Shigeto Terasaka in the U.S. attera@utbhollywood.com

and Junichi Suzuki in Japan at suzuki@suzukijunichi.com

All films used for making this documentary won at the Maui Film Festival and Fumiko Yamaji Culture Award in Japan.

The production and free distribution of “Japanese American History Unknown” was made possible with the generosity of Dr. Paul Tersaki in Los Angeles.

“Japanese American History Unknown” 

Director: Junichi Suzuki

Original Music: Kitaro,

Format: 40 minutes, Color (black and white in some scenes), 16:9, HD, Stereo




The trailer for this was very short but I am very excited to see this movie!  I requested it from the University Library!

DVD “Japanese American History Unknown” to be distributed to schools for free in US and Japan

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