When Jim Crow Drank Coke

This to me is definitely a public health issue! Lets face it, any company over 50 years old in this country probably dealt with racism, inequities or some form of prejudice. The company maybe still commits racist atrocities. Yes Coke has shelled out millions and so has Pepsi but can we start to get real about health in 2013. Sugar is the cause of so much bodily harm, tooth decay, health hazards ect. MY GOODNESS!! I’ve actually been soda free for over a month now and I LOVE it! I’ve been going to the gym Mondays and Wednesday mornings and bought some home workout equipment to increase cardio on my off days from the gym. I’m dedicated to good health, the power of knowledge and money management! I’m determined not to be left on Mt. Fuji this August! As much as I do not like Bloomburg telling Americans the size of soda’s they can and can’t drink until we admit that Obesity is a problem in this country nothing will be done about it! The change starts with the man in the mirror!
Never the less the article was a very good read and I really enjoyed the history.

When Jim Crow Drank Coke

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