Money (Written By AmbassadorNique)

They say the love of money is the route of all evil and money cannot buy you happiness. However everyone that I know wakes up every morning to obtain money each day, myself included. I’d be lying if I said that money was not a priority of mine. However, I am under the impression that making money isn’t as hard as keeping it.

I would describe myself as decent when it comes to handling money. I hate debt and have not acquired any purchases that have tied me down financially. I am not the worst, but being honest with myself I am FAR from the best when it comes to money management. I have never believed in get rich quick scams and have worked hard to recognize the smell of bull shit. Temptations to make purchases are hard, but for the most part I save up for what I want and buy it when I can afford it. This is something that I know I can do better on.

My new goal is to be able to save more than I spend. To not always be saving up for “something” but to save just to save. I have so many trips I want to take, so many things I want to do, and I know that it will take discipline to rationalize what is important, what can I live without and know when I must sacrifice. I am reading a new book on money management in hopes that it will help guide me in the right direction. Most importantly I understand that financial responsibility starts with me and me only.

Being financially responsible I feel is a mindset that one must gain and be knowledgeable and aware of. Vanity is real, living above our means is real, the urge we feel to compensate for what we could never afford is REAL. These urges to fight against what most Americans deem as “normal.” The life of debt. Of course, it’s harder to reach the top of the mountain when you are standing at the bottom knee deep in debt. BUT you can either dig yourself out and start your climb by being responsible, or get use to the bottom. It’s not about how fast we reach our goals, as much as its about ACTUALLY reaching them. Inevitably there will be detours, but step one for me is commitment. YES, I am committed.


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