Just Doing My Part…


It is my goal to spread more knowledge and my part in sharing with the world what I know. I hope that if you are reading this you too take the opportunity to give back to society in one way or another. Ignorance is simply a lack of education, lack of knowledge, lack of exposure or understanding. We are all ignorant about something. I hope that no matter how lengthy your educational background you still use everyday to educate yourself on something new. As most of us are products of our experiences and environments, our goals, values, dreams definitions of success, and happiness may differ in more ways than we could imagine.

In school I read a lot of theories about why society was the way it was, and is the way it is today. If these theories hold truth, either not enough people are standing up to demanding change, or in one way or the other the theories were flawed. Both are true in my opinion. However, it is my goal to come up with some solutions that will positively affect society while I am given the opportunity to breathe on this planet.

While I understand we can not all be passionate activist, nor do we all believe or stand in unison for every cause; we can all speak our truths and give a helping hand to the things that we strongly believe in.

On another note, but not completely off subject, I’ve come to the realization that many of my closest friends, some who are just a few years out of college, still in college, or never attended college are not content with where they are in life at the moment. The truth is… most of us are not. With the current state of the economy many of us are paying dues and trying hard to make ends meet. The best advice i’ve been given was to stay the course.. and keep working… No one told us this would be easy, but with the right sacrifice and dedication I have no doubt we will all achieve our dreams and help make it easier for our peers, and the generations that follow in our footsteps. Do not reinvent the wheel and always ask questions about the things you may not understand. In short nothing happens over night.

My goal is to lead by example and encourage everyone to be themselves and work even harder to reach your goals. I will share my blueprints, imperfections, mistakes and life with the world in hopes that the hurdles I jump over will be even shorter for those that follow behind.

Enjoy the rest of your day and keep swinging until the fight is over. If ever you shall go down like Frazier, get up and keep swinging like Ali…


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